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Enjoying the world one day at a time

Let these images be a guide to the world through my feelings and perceptions.  As an avid photographer and amateur traveler, I love to share the world through my mind, and that includes my eyes.  Here you will find photography of my life. 

Phillip Horner

In my free time I love photography.  This website is meant to be a home for my thoughts and views of the world.  I have been practicing photography for 12 years and do it all for the love of the moment.

My other job/love is as a therapist working with people desiring deep connection and healing particularly those suffering from trauma.  I also help facilitate conversations on race and racism.

In my free time I love to walk slowly, see the giant sky, fly via running and mountain biking, and listen and love each day.

If you have interest in purchasing any of my photos I do sell them for use on websites and magazines and also printed.  Please contact me for more information below.  I also  do freelance work if you are looking for something in particular. 

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